Sivota Thesprotia

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Take one small, traditional Greek town in a sheltered bay that is sandwiched between tree-covered hills and the deep blue Ionian Sea.

Add a busy little harbour, the quayside lined with tavernas and small shops, but don’t add too many and spoil the taste.

Make sure there is a good mix of beautiful beaches along a rugged, twisting coastline, some long and sandy with sunbeds and beach bars, one or two with water sports, others secluded and private. Season it with beaches that can only be reached by boat and one on an island that you can wade to via a sandy causeway.

Place it all in the Riviera of Epirus, a gorgeous region of mountains, forests, picturesque villages, rivers and history that goes back to ancient times – and beyond.

And you have Sivota.


  • Prodromi Thesprotia
  • 30-6942433293
  • 30-6942433293

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